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Healthy Living

At St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School we are aware of how important it is to eat a balanced diet. We know it is fundamental to the development of children’s health and wellbeing and their ability to lead healthier, active lifestyles. We also know healthy pupils are more likely to be effective learners. That’s why in our schools we’re focusing on what children eat and ensuring they stay active.

As a school we have introduced a range of different ways to encourage our pupils to choose healthy lifestyles as well as educating parents about the best ways they can introduce these changes into their everyday lives. These include:

Tesco Farm to Fork

In partnership with Tesco pupils get the opportunity to visit the Supermarket and gain information based on how different foods arrive from the farms to their shops. The children get the chance to taste a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as visit the bakery and fishmongers to watch certain foods being prepared for sales.


Along with Walsall Councils Astars incentive the children learn about healthier ways of travelling to school. Walking and wheeling are promoted and whenever the children choose these particular modes of transport they are rewarded with prizes. The children also have the opportunity to take part in walking and scooter/bike events as well as being taught the importance of road and pedestrian safety.

Life Bus

The life bus allows the children to understand the importance of having a healthy body and avoiding toxins that may cause their bodies harm. The children learn about different drugs such as smoking and alcohol and how these may affect them later on in their lives.