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Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

At St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School we focus on the four broad areas of SEN, as stated within the SEND Code of Practice:

  1. Communication and interaction difficulties
  2. Cognition and learning needs
  3. Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  4. Sensory and/or physical needs

Staff focus heavily on the progression and development of all pupils in their class and assess the children regularly. Any child that shows difficulties within the class are highlighted quickly and interventions and support are put in place to support these pupils. They are given individual target plans (ITP’s) with concise targets; this begins a cycle of assessing, planning, doing and then reviewing to ensure that pupils begin to progress rapidly.

This is the graduated response when responding to a pupils needs:

  1. Teacher/parent raises concerns regarding poor progress following universal support
  2. We will meet to produce a plan of targeted support in school
  3. Provision is made. This will require input from teacher, pupil, parent and SENCO
  4. If there are still concerns, then the SENCO contacts external agencies for specialised support

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School works with a lot of external agencies to help identify and support specific needs. We are committed to supporting children with SEN and / or disabilities and work alongside professionals including those at Access to Education to ensure best outcomes for this group.  

  • Pupil and School Support Service (PSSS) – Rebecca Hughes
  • Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) – Bridget Walker
  • Educational Psychology Service (EPS) – Dr Ruth Hewitt
  • Specialist School Nurse – Debbie Hughes

If your child requires support from these services, the school will always consult you and request permission. If more information is needed a parents/carers guide to the SEND Code of Practise can be accessed here.

If you have any concern regarding the health or education of your child then please make an appointment to see our SENCO – Mrs Clarke, who will be happy to advise. We will always encourage you to speak to your child’s class teacher too or you may wish to contact your own GP if you have a medical concern

Click here for further information on Walsall's SEND Local Offer.

Click here for information on SEND Funding.


 Disability Access Information

There is a disabled parking space situated in the staff car park. The school has wheelchair ramps around the school to access all parts of the building. Please see our Accessibility Plan for further information.


Special Education Needs Information Report.