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Physical Education at St. Patrick’s

We, at St. Patrick’s, believe that a quality progressive physical education framework is crucial for all our pupils. This will enable them to develop physical fitness and contribute to their mental wellbeing. It is evident that physical education promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action. It involves thinking, selecting and applying skills, and it promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, through St Patrick’s PE curriculum, children will receive the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills, whilst experiencing enjoyment in their learning. This will encourage them to remain physically active through their whole lives.

Our quality PE programme provides pupils with a range of key learning experiences that cannot be achieved in the classroom. The progression of fundamental movement skills, transitioning into more specific recognised sports allows pupils to develop mentally and physically whilst at the same time gaining confidence and a natural competitive instinct.

At St Patricks, children are offered a varied curriculum, which includes games, gymnastics and dance. In KS2 children will also receive swimming instruction. All physical activities contribute to the growth, body development, and the overall wellbeing of every pupil and, year after year, the children will revisit core skills to build and improve upon. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities that feed into the competitions we take part in. This includes Local School Games and Catholic Partnership tournaments. We believe opportunities to compete in sport and other activities builds character and helps to embed values such as fairness, respect, perseverance, determination, self-belief and co-operation. Through this, children will develop positive attitudes to physical endeavour including fair play, sporting behaviour, and an ability to cope with success and failure.

*Swimming in Y4 with a catch-up programme in Y5 and Y6 (If necessary).

*KS1 and KS2 dance throughout the year.

Competitive sport

Competitive sport encourages values in students such as confidence, resilience and commitment that can be carried across into other academic work. It is a vehicle in which to develop school spirit and foster a sense of responsibility. We actively encourage children to lead through the role of ‘team captain’ at St Patricks and have found this enables children to develop communication and leadership skills.

At St Patrick’s, we take part in a number of different competitions and tournaments throughout the year designed to target both our gifted children, but also those children who have not yet received the opportunity to represent the school within a competitive environment. At St Patrick’s we believe in equal opportunities regardless of ability or circumstances. As such, we ensure our children take part in both tournaments and sporting festivals



Children receive swimming provision at Walsall Gala Swimming and Fitness Centre and follow a progressive programme in their lessons. This begins in Year 4 with a catch-up programme available in Year 5 and 6 if necessary.

At St Patrick’s we are committed and determined to achieve the Nation Curriculum's expectations that all children leave primary education being able to swim at least 25m safely and confidently, using a range of strokes and techniques.

In order to support children’s progression, we do encourage all parents to utilise their local swimming facilities. Please find links and details below.

Walsall Gala Swimming and Fitness Centre


If parents wish to enquire about additional swimming lessons at Walsall Gala, please see contact details below.

Telephone: 01922 653 150

Email: swimlessonenquiries@walsall.gov.uk